Beth HaShem, Jacob Hawkins, Odessa, TX: Sacred identity, Sabbatarianism, have Old-testament feasts and you can laws and regulations to possess salvation

Beth HaShem, Jacob Hawkins, Odessa, TX: Sacred identity, Sabbatarianism, have Old-testament feasts and you can laws and regulations to possess salvation

Bible Password, Michael Drosnin: Bestselling 1997 publication instructs that prophecies are undetectable in a complicated circle regarding characters and you will conditions inside Old-testament. Drosnin states that he tried to alert Israeli frontrunner Yitzak Rabin out of his upcoming murder based on a forecast about biblical code. The idea is actually a form of numerology and has now particular connections to the Jewish occultism of one’s Kabbalah.

Bible Youngsters: Some semiautonomous teams you to definitely bankrupt away from the Watchtower Bible and you may Area Neighborhood just after Joseph Rutherford took control over the organization. Reprints the first site out-of Watchtower founder Charles Taze Russell along with Divine Bundle of Years. Teams all over the country wade around certain labels (elizabeth.g., Fort Worth Bible Children, Chicago Bible College students, etcetera.).

Biofeedback: The effective use of EEG (electroencephalographic) feeback products observe head surf and you can facial skin resistance on the purpose of amendment from notice swells. Users normally learn how to manage cardiovascular system prices or create head wave activity (leader, beta, and you can delta) at the usually to help you trigger altered states from understanding. Raises the capacity for entertainment and/or triggering meditative states and you can mental handle like that in yoga and you can Zen.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: Though which Indian guru is actually inactive, of several supporters still routine their unique style of Hindu philosophy and sexual pilates program to achieve enlightenment

Black Bulk: A ritual from inside the Satanism you to definitely tries to negate otherwise profane the new Catholic Bulk. Black candle lights can be used and you may Catholic prayers recited in reverse. Allegedly, the newest communion try sporadically performed playing with peoples blood and flesh.

Blood Atonement Doctrine: The assumption, t Younger, one to needless to say sins the newest bloodstream out-of Christ does not atone as well as which the sinner’s individual blood must be missing to found forgiveness (Record away from Discourses, Vol. cuatro, p. 53). Not taught because of the Church from God Christ out of Second-time New orleans saints, the assumption is normally preached and frequently practiced of the people in Mormon Fundamentalist splinter teams. To this day, Utah allows destined murders to stand delivery from the firing squad alternatively than simply tips that don’t shed new criminal’s bloodstream, instance life-threatening injections or the electronic chair.

B’nai Noah: Twin covenant philosophy, teaches God is not the Savior of Jews, Gentiles should be secure the 7 Legislation regarding Noah and study this new Torah (or Old testament) that have Jewish Rabbis.

In framework, Goodness is these are a spiritual enjoy effected by Goodness as a result of the Holy Soul (look for passages 6-8) to displace a wicked, fallen people so you can correct relationship with Your (pick passages sixteen-21)

Book regarding Mormon: One of several scriptures or “Standard Work” approved because of the Chapel off Jesus Christ of Latter-time New orleans saints or any other sects coming from Joseph Smith, including the Reorganized Chapel away from Jesus Christ off Latter day Saints and other Mormon Fundamentalist groups.

Produced Again: Biblical name regularly identify regeneration (John step three:3-7). Some new Age supporters show the term are Christ’s site in order to reincarnation otherwise rebirthing. Discover Gospel.

Brainwashing: Pressed indoctrination playing with certain techniques to end up in an interest so you’re able to dump first governmental, societal, or spiritual info otherwise opinions and you will exchange those individuals ideals having a beneficial evaluating religion system. A translation regarding a great Chinese keyword xinao, “brainwashing” became a famous identity to describe the fresh new phenomena regarding significant transform inside the behavior and you will center values one taken place in a number of inmates regarding war held in Chinese camps in the mid-twentieth century. For the a far more standard sense, the word is normally familiar with determine any style off persuasion identified is unethical you to causes a radical and bad improvement in identity. Get a hold of Lifton, Robert, Notice Manage.

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